the superman supper


This apple and tuna salad of epic leftovers is a meal fit for a superman. This is because it's extremely fast to make and it contains protein, fiber, mono-saturated fats, vitamins and whole carbs - all the nice fancy things a superman would need.

I made this salad because I am dieting and because I wanted to use up some leftovers. I was hungry and had to make something up really quick. Didn't want to buy food from the 24 hour food court downstairs, it's making me sick, urhlgh. Little did I know, something awesome has been created!

apple and tuna salad of epic leftovers
- diced granny smith apple
- a can of tuna (I used ayam brand chilli tuna. It was in my cardboard)
- juice of 1/2 lemon
- 1/2 tbsp rice vinegar
- chopped cilantro
- chopped scallions
- a little extra virgin olive oil
- black pepper
- leftover rice

Mix well and chill. Eat with gusto.


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